Start Saving, Get a Grip On Your Spending, and Create Financial Security Once and for All!
(No Matter What Your Income or Situation Is Right Now)

Are you ready to stop living paycheque to paycheque, spending more than you make, and watching yourself go deeper and deeper into debt? 

Let me be completely upfront.

Your income level is likely to have little to do with why this keeps happening in your life. 

I’ve worked with 1000s of clients and it comes down to mindset and habits. 

You probably know that, but what most ‘financial gurus’ fail to give you are real-world ways to hack your mindset and habits so you can actually start saving. 

Just telling you to change them is useless, unless I show you HOW to finally change it for good once and for all. 

Without making you feel like you’re missing out on life. Without asking you to skip that latte that makes you happy in the morning on your way to work. 

And doing it in a way that keeps you motivated and excited the whole way through as you see progress. 

This is the first hurdle to jump through on your way to creating actual wealth in your life, and getting your money to work for you.  

And the good news is when you use the proven hacks that I’m about to lay out for you step-by-step in detail…you’ll actually enjoy the process. 

Because let’s face it… 

Moving forward is invigorating. Turning constant money worries into security and freedom is the dream that most people never get taught. 

Your parents may have lived the same way and so you learned from watching them. 

Your school likely didn’t teach you these skills, just like they’re failing so many young people coming into the real world today. 

And the gurus you follow on television and radio only give you 5 minute or less soundbites.  

That’s why so many women, perhaps just like you, are struggling to save and build real wealth.

One car repair, broken appliance, or medical emergency could completely devastate your finances.

This epidemic, for reasons beyond your control, has affected you.

Which is why I’m about to help you take control once and for all, and create a life that you never knew you could achieve. One full of security and freedom. 

And it only takes a few vital steps that will transform your life just like it has for 1000’s of my clients.

Grab the ‘Get Savings’ Course RIGHT NOW
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Get the Proven Steps to Hack Your Savings, Spending, and Debt FAST!

‘Get Saving’ is a 3-Module course, laid out step-by-step for you to easily follow.

I give you the exact same strategies I teach my personal clients. 

They’ve been developed over my 20+ years of experience as a financial advisor and through speaking to some of the best minds in economics.

 I’m fortunate to be able to constantly keep in touch with economists, researchers, professors, behavioral scientists who give me the most up-to-date tips and tricks to pass down to my clients, and now YOU.

Here’s some of what you’ll find out as you journey through this jam-packed 3-module course…

The part that everyone skips when it comes to money and saving is MINDSET. 

But it’s the most vital part. Without the right mindset, nothing else you do will matter. You’ll revert back to your old ways in no time, no matter how hard you try. 

In this module, you’ll finally understand the realities of a savings gap, why it’s so difficult to put money away (especially for women)…and the secrets to rapidly develop the right money mindset to save. 

  • Uncover the hidden factors that may be quietly draining your funds, even when you think you’re saving! (Get ahold of these sneaky money siphons now.) 
  • How the stories you’re telling yourself about money are keeping you stuck living paycheck to paycheck, or even worse, in debt! (I’ll show you how to transform your money narrative.) 
  • The 3 Myths that have been plaguing your savings account for years (I’ll bust these and show you the truth that will set your financial burdens free for good) 
  • The mysterious trick that can turn your small change into a sizable nest egg, no matter the size of your paycheck.
  • How the deck is stacked against you if you’re a woman (I’ll show you the stats that will shock you and reveal why you’ve been disadvantaged in the money game.) 
  • And much more! 

This module will give you 6 research-backed tools and hacks to help you start saving with ease today. These are simple changes that anybody can make starting right away will have you well on your way to a full savings account.

  • The 2 variables you have to address if you want to take your savings account to the next level over the next 6 months and beyond. 
  • The 6 proven hacks to start pumping money into your savings account month after month, take control of your spending, and quickly slash your debt so you have even MORE to invest. 
  • The little-known strategy to making your money grow effortlessly – a secret the wealthy have been using for years.
  • 5 simple questions that will crush your bad spending habits, and give you more money in your pocket and back account each and every month. 
  • Under the radar ways social media is making you spend and you probably don’t even realize it’s happening. (I’ll show  you how to beat them at their own game.)
  • A better way than BUDGETING! If you hate that word, you’re going to love this simpler way to save! 
  •  And MUCH more! 

In this module I’ll reveal the fastest ways to pay down debt so you can start adding more money into your savings account once and for all! 

Here’s what you’ll find out inside…

  • The truth about GOOD and BAD debt that you MUST understand if you want any hope of establishing a foundational bank account. 
  • 5 times debt will help you increase your wealth and financial security (If it’s not one of these, steer clear!)
  • The 2 ONLY things credit cards are good for. If you’re using them for anything else, chances are you’ll stay behind and in debt for good!) 
  • How to use credit cards wisely so you avoid interest and debt overall (This one hack can save you thousands barely even trying)
  • The 2 best and most proven methods for paying off your overall debt that won’t make you feel like you’re doing without!
  • And much more! 

The Most Important Part of the Entire ‘Get Saving’ Course!

Every module will come with action steps that you can take as you follow along.

This will allow you to begin conquering your savings right away. 

As you move through the course, you’ll build your confidence and increase your motivation so it’s consistently easier to keep going. 

In fact, these action steps are the most important part of this entire course. 

Without these vital steps you’ll remain where you are. 

But if you start applying them today, you can watch your future financial life, and well-being begin to change before your eyes. 

It’s Time to Make the Decision That Can Change Everything About Your Financial Life Starting TODAY!

No need to let another day of financial stress and worry keep its grip on you. 

Gain control of your money and create the financial future you deserve.

Of course maybe you’re reading this and thinking, ‘Yeah, I’ve tried to save before, and it didn’t work.’ 

Or maybe, ‘I just don’t think I earn enough to save any significant amount.’ 

These are common thoughts and feelings when it comes to tackling savings. And I totally get it. But here’s why this time is different….

The ‘Get Saving’ course is designed for anyone, regardless of your past attempts or your current income. 

It’s not about having a large income, but about having the right mindset, strategies, and tools. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll get in this course.

So, if you’re ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck, slash your debt, and start growing your savings, then take the first step.

Enroll in the ‘Get Saving’ course today. 


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Choose the ‘Get Saving’ course. Choose financial freedom.

"True confession: Despite being a well-read person, I still don't understand money, especially investing (and I have an MBA!). I've probably wasted a few decades of earning potential because of this 😬 So I've decided to finally fix the financial mess -- I'm taking this course by Saijal Patel, CFA. I've been lucky to know Saij for awhile. Seeing her practice what she preaches is inspiration enough."
Sheri Allain
Founder, Codezilla Kids

Meet Your Host

Saijal Patel

CFA Charterholder| Award-winning business journalist | Former CNBC/BNN correspondent
Anchor of Strictly Money Tv Show

With more than twenty years’ experience in the financial industry in North America and Asia, as a financial advisor and strategist, Saijal is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder and a previous accounting practitioner. She works with some of the world’s largest banks to help thousands of their employees and clients (with a special focus on women) to build financial knowledge and confidence.

Saijal is the creator and host of Canada’s only national personal finance show, Strictly Money. She’s a former business anchor and correspondent for Canada’s Business News Network (BNN) and CNBC Asia, and has delivered commentary and analysis on global economies, stock markets and corporate news to more than 300 million households around the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re living paycheque to paycheque, or simply struggling to save as much as you’d like, then this course is for you. 

I give you research-based scientifically-proven tools that will make you aware of your negative patterns, and then methods that make it easy for you to get out of your own way to save! 

We’ve witnessed 1000s of women succeed and we know you will too! 

Many women have told us the lessons provide a wealth of informationbut what really helped them succeed was the private community.

This is where you can safely ask questions and engage with Saijal and other members, get exclusive content and get the encouragement you need to succeed.

Plus you will have access to the course for as long as you like through the membership!

We’ve reviewed dozens of courses and have received feedback from women like you on what worked and didn’t and what challenges they had.

That’s why we design our programs differently.

We keep your individual needs and personalities in mind because everyone manages money differently.

We use research on financial behaviour so you’re 10x more likely to succeed than other programs that simply lay out a bunch of information.

Saijal who has 20+ years of in-depth well-rounded financial experience, so you’re learning from the best. 



The program is designed so you can build the financial know-how without a lot of support. However, if you have specific questions, or get stuck, or need encouragement, simply ask for it in the private membership community. 

Get Saving is designed to take about 8-10 hours to complete comfortably. However, we give you 3 months from the registration date to complete the course.

You also have 1 month free inside the community, after which its a low US$17/month. You can cancel anytime! 

Almost all the concepts (95%) in this course are universal and we can address specific questions in our community.

Our enrollees come from different regions of the world – namely the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, U.K, Hong Kong, Singapore & Canada.  

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