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If your first thought when it comes to turning your financial life around is to save more money or invest…

Let me stop you right there.

I need to be upfront with you – that’s not the solution you need (at least not just yet.)

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with countless women who earn above-average salaries, and appear to have their act together… but still, their financial lives are far from what they desire.

Does this hit a little too close to home?

I also know many women who earn what most would call a modest income, yet they’ve managed to save for a rainy day, and are well on their way to a comfortable, even luxurious retirement.

So, what makes them different?


You see, it’s not just about the paycheque they bring home. It’s what they do with that paycheque that matters. And what they do is deeply dependent on their values and beliefs towards money!

Financial Health Starts WITHIN You!  You have to believe you are capable and deserving of money!

Hi, my name is Saijal Patel and for the past 20+ years I’ve helped women just like you turn their financial lives around, and create a life of freedom you never thought was possible.

I’m a financial educator. I’m a money coach. And I’m a fierce advocate for women building and keeping wealth.  


"Thank you for creating this assignment. The narrative worksheet really allowed me to connect with myself. I was able to reflect on why I am the way I am when it comes to financial matters. This exercise allowed me to pinpoint where my narrative comes from -childhood and family. I was able to convert the narrative into a positive one -which is so much more empowering! 😁
P. Kaur Singh

The Good News is...

It doesn’t matter whether you’re earning $100K+ per year, OR $30K – 50K.

Whether you’re in debt, totally behind on saving for retirement, or you’ve got a bit socked away for a rainy day, it doesn’t matter.

No matter how desperate your monetary situation is, the steps I’m about to reveal are based on the most effective and time-tested psychological principles.

In fact, they are based on a combo of tactics created by the most brilliant minds in economics, psychology, and personal development.


The ‘Wealth Mindset WORKBOOK’ to Psychologically Nudge You Toward Better Choices and Habits, and Rewire Your Brain for Financial Success

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Why? Because without these 5-step proven exercises, nothing else you learn to create financial well-being will matter.

The clients who do these exercises are the ones who finally overcome limiting beliefs, transform habits, and create lasting financial success. 

The life you’ve always wanted is only 5 simple exercises away.

In fact, if you sit down for just 45 minutes, complete the exercises, you can change everything in your financial life.

This 13 Page Workbook Will Give You a Brand New Solid Foundation to Build Wealth.

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Now, I know you might be thinking, “But I’ve tried so many financial programs before and none of them worked.”

I hear you, and that’s exactly why The Wealth Mindset Workbook is different.

It addresses your core issue – your subconscious beliefs – that other programs simply overlook.

This is the key to lasting financial success.

You might also be wondering, “Can I really see results by investing just $9.97 in a workbook?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

These exercises have been tried and tested by my clients, who have gone on to see incredible transformations in their financial lives.

It’s not about spending more money on expensive programs; it’s about addressing the root cause of your financial struggles.

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