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The holistic A-Z financial program for every woman who is ready to be the CEO of her financial life!

I’ll show you how to master your money, build financial confidence, and take control of your future using my 360 Financial Freedom Framework!

Renowned financial expert and business television personality Saijal Patel is ready to take you on a detailed 10-week journey to level up your financial skills & confidence!

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There’s a good chance that as a woman you were never taught the vital things you need (and deserve) to know about money and financial well-being at home or through the education system. 

Did you know that about 90 per cent of women will at one time become the sole financial decision maker in their families due to divorce or widowhood? 

Taking charge of your finances isn’t just about personal empowerment and security; it’s a transformative act for women and society as a whole.

Becoming financially literate is your passport to informed decision-making. It’s about amplifying your influence as a woman, and ensuring your goals and values are reflected in your wealth building strategy. 

My 360 Financial Freedom Framework is tailored for women seeking to redefine their financial narrative. 

Over the next 10 weeks, join me, and I’ll guide you through everything you need to elevate your financial confidence and well-being.

Here's Some of the Results You Can Expect...

Many of my "Strictly Money" members have already proven that this program works.

" Saij is a gift! I have a finance degree but always found it difficult, emotional also as we all have emotional attachments to money to overcome.With Saij, slowly but surely, you see the reasons, and learn the tools, to move forward with what is best for a women in this world of money.We cannot ignore our own needs, and I have found no one else who will hold your hand and walk you through it quite like Saijal Patel."
Marllyn Rowe
"I signed up for the Strictly Money Program to learn how to invest the money I saved and budget smartly. Once I started the program, I had a lot of questions. Would it be comprehensive? Would it be boring? How much would I learn?

I have to say that it is one of the best financial investments that I have made! The information shared was easy to understand, and the videos were easy to follow along. Most women shy away from managing their finances because the language is foreign, it's overwhelming, and it takes too much time.

Saij Elle's videos kept me engaged and made me think differently about my future and manage my finances.

I'm happy I took the chance, and as I mentioned, it was one of the best financial investments I have made for myself and my future. You can do it! The only person stopping you is you! Thank you to SaijElle and Team for putting together this great program and sharing it with women like me!"
Charelle Strahan

Here's What You'll Get Access to
Inside "Strictly Money"

Strictly Money a unique 360 Financial Freedom Framework designed exclusively for women like you.

It’s a flexible online 10-week+ web-based program consisting of 5 Modules and 14 lessons. 

You go at your own pace!

(Click each module below for details on exactly what you’ll find out!) 

Here’s some of what you’ll find out…

  • The unique financial challenges women face in building wealth and how to leverage your strengths and the right approach to close the gender gap. 
  • The mindset and stories that stops us from achieving our financial goals!
  • What your “Money Personality” is, why you have it, and what you can do to transform it for the better. 
  • The 20/80 rule of financial wellness and why it’s vital you get the ratio right in your own life – if you want to reach your money goals.
  • And Much More! 

Here’s what you’ll get inside this module…

  • How to build the right financial foundation to build and protect your wealth (and the obstacles that will get in your way if you let them) – a secret only professional financial advisors know!
  • The 3 most important steps to create S.M.A.R.T. goals so you can achieve them faster with less roadblocks! 
  • The key questions to ask in order to troubleshoot any obstacles standing in the way of hitting your financial goals right now.
  • The key hacks to save  30% and more!
  • A simple way to keep track of your cashflow and spending so you don’t get distracted from achieving your most important financial goals!
  • Proven strategies to pay off your debt quickly. 
  • The biggest mistakes people make when planning for retirement and how to avoid them.
  • How to track whether you’re on track for a secure retirement and how to course-correct if you’re behind!
  • And much more!  
  • Five myths & misconceptions about investing that stops women from building wealth (The truth-busting I do in this section will be a huge relief when you hear it!)  
  • How to manage investment risk the right way. (90% of your friends and family members are getting it wrong!)
  • The true power of compounding and how to use it so your money makes you money!
  • How the ultra-rich invest.
  • How to personalize your investment strategy… so it matches your goals, risk tolerance and preferences.
  • How to work with financial professionals and platforms to ensure your needs are met! 
  • And much more!
  • The key types of insurance you need to protect your wealth and health, and how to decide which ones to choose – and the coverage you’ll need to stay protected.
  • How to correctly manage your risks and give yourself total peace of mind with insurance. 
  • How to determine if you are under insured, or even need insurance!
  • How to make sure you don’t overpay for insurance — and how (and when) to get the best prices on your policies.
  • How to create your estate plan properly, including picking your executor and guardians for your children. 
  • The biggest mistakes people make when creating a will (and how to avoid them.) 
  • How to organize your most important financial documents. 
  • And much more!
  • Learn about the different types of stocks and which ones are best suited for your goals.
  • How to evaluate and pick good stocks to increase your chances of a bigger investment return. 
  • Why bonds are often overlooked but an important consideration for your portfolio.
  • The key differences between mutual funds and ETFs, and how to decide which is best for your investment strategy.
  • What determines the price of oil and gold.
  • Investing in real estate – the easy and hard way. 
  • And much more!
  • Self-Assessment Guide to track your success
  • 14 Comprehensive Worksheets to reinforce your learnings and create your personalized plan.
  • 5 Customizable Excel/Google Templates to help you: set and slay your financial goals the smart way; calculate your net worth; a save & spend plan to track your cash flow and help you pay yourself first; building your investment portfolio; calculate your required retirement funds
  • Multiple checklists to help you plan your wealth transfer correctly; work with a financial advisor, calculate your insurance needs and much more! 

When you embark on a strategy to take charge of your financial future, it can feel scary and lonely.

Most people – but especially women – have been taught NOT to talk about money. But inside your private community you can feel safe discussing money, asking questions, and getting the help and guidance you’ll need on your journey.

You’ll have 6 month access to this group when you register for the Strictly Money course, so you can be confident that you’ll never feel left along as you create financial freedom for you and your family!

It's a RETAIL VALUE of $1,947 USD

Strictly Money Community Love

Sandra Der Mesropian
Sandra Der Mesropian★★★★★
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This has been an amazing experience. Strictly Money program is truly about educating and empowering women financially. As a person whose family immigrated to the US in hopes of educational and employment opportunities, I didn't have mentors to turn to for financial/investment advice. I was looking to change that not only for myself but my daughters. I took the step and invested in this program. It has been fantastic. Saij is in direct contact with the community. She is smart, professional, approachable and patient. The goal of her program is to educate so that women can make choices for themselves that will allow us more control and freedom. There is no push to purchase any other product. This program has been eye opening.
Petra Dunne
Petra Dunne★★★★★
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Saij's course provided me with a great insight on how to navigate through the financial aspects directly affecting our daily lives, including budgeting, savings, retirement, investing, asset management, etc. I appreciated the design of the course, and I also found all of the modules to be extremely helpful. I highly recommend this class to all women who strive to be empowered and learn more about personal finances and management.
Isha Mistry
Isha Mistry★★★★★
Read More
A personal finance course worth every cent! Suitable for anyone wanting to start investing no matter where you are in life. Would highly recommend young adults to invest in this resource to learn how to save and invest smartly early on.
Achieng Wendy
Achieng Wendy★★★★★
Read More
Saijal is excellent in her explanations regarding financial wellness and breaks down complex financial jargon to bite-sizeable pieces. I greatly would her course to anyone who wants to learn about investments and be financially sound.

Plus, you get access to an exclusive private Strictly Money Community

Meet Your Host

Saijal Patel

CFA Charterholder| Award-winning business journalist | Former CNBC/BNN correspondent
Anchor of Strictly Money Tv Show

With more than twenty years’ experience in the financial industry in North America and Asia, as a financial advisor and strategist, Saijal is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder and a previous accounting practitioner. She works with some of the world’s largest banks to help thousands of their employees and clients (with a special focus on women) to build financial knowledge and confidence.

Saijal is the creator and host of Canada’s only national personal finance show/podcast, Strictly Money. She’s a former business anchor and correspondent for Canada’s Business News Network (BNN) and CNBC Asia, and has delivered commentary and analysis on global economies, stock markets and corporate news to more than 300 million households around the world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Strictly Money is uniquely designed for women and uses Saijal’s proven 360 Financial Freedom Framework so you amplify your chances of succeeding.

This is for women who are ready to prioritize their financial well-being and build confidence around money.

It’s for you if:

  • You want to build confidence in managing your money, and have more control, regardless of whether you have a financial advisor or not. 
  • You’re willing to invest in the process and commit about 20 hours of your time to the program. There are no short-cuts to learning financial skills and putting a plan in place, however the program is designed for maximum learning in minimum time.
  • You’re ready to check self-judgement and past mistakes at the door – because there’s only going forward and upward, and our private community is available to support you.

Absolutely. We do not have access to your financial data.

Also, any information privately shared with the Saij Elle team are kept in strict confidence, unless our members explicitly give us permission. 

By far investing is the biggest priority for women. That’s why our personal finance course for women has dedicated two entire modules to investing – one of which is optional (Module 5). 

We teach you the key rules  investing to help you understand what it takes to build wealth in a sustainable manner. 

You will find thousands of articles on budgeting and investing as well as other topics. There are hundreds of books out there as well.

The challenge that millions of people have is they don’t know how to apply the information they learn to their own life. They’re also not sure who to trust because there’s so much contradictory information available. And the majority of people don’t have hundreds of hours to spend learning the necessary financial skills.

 And so they either don’t do anything or they feel they have to blindly trust the financial industry. 

We believe when we empower women with the right information, they will be able to confidently understand how to navigate important financial decisions and engage with the financial industry – on their terms!  

We’ve reviewed dozens of courses and have received feedback from women like you on what worked and didn’t and what challenges they had.

That’s why we’ve designed Strictly Money differently.

This program is the only holistic financial program available, taught by Saijal who has 20+ years of in-depth well-rounded financial experience, so you learn all aspects of managing your money through her trademarked 360 Financial Freedom Framework.

In fact, we challenge you to find a program like ours with an equally experienced and renown instructor like Saijal out there, AND for the price we offer it at.

Our aim is to teach women like you the financial skills and know-how so you’re in the top 10% of people with this precious knowledge! 

We also recognized that knowledge is not enough. That’s why there are more than enough worksheets to help reinforce takeaways, but also help you to take action.

PLUS, there’s a private community through the membership so that you can get even more support, whilst learning in your own time.

Our program doesn’t use jargon and complicated terminology that the financial services industry does.

We explain concepts in a relatable way so you can apply them to your unique circumstances. We are confident that you’ll walk away armed with lots of knowledge and ready to take action!

Check out our Google reviews and you’ll see what other beginners had to say!

The program is designed so you can build the financial know-how without a lot of support.

However, we understand that you may have specific questions, get stuck, need accountability or even want to share and learn from other like-minded women.

That’s why we encourage you to participate in the private community so Saijal and other participants can support you.


Strictly Money is designed to take 8-10 weeks (approximately 20 hours) to complete comfortably.

However, we know life can get hectic, so once you’ve enrolled in Strictly Money, you’ll have 6 months from the registration date to complete the program.

We want to motivate you to prioritize the program and your finances, plus learn the right tools and building blocks while it’s fairly fresh and top of mind.