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"Wow I love this community! Thank you Saijal for all the professional guidance. Thank you to all the other women providing ideas and support to each other. I'm learning to feel empowered and confident with my money thanks to you."
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"This opportunity is something that I feel will change my life forever and will eliminate so much financial stress as an adult. What you have done to inspire women to take control of our own finances is truly special."
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"I’m loving this course, It’s soooo freaking good! What I love about it is it takes you through step-by-step in a more holistic relatable way. Plus the support of the community is so helpful!"
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"It's so nice to be part of a supportive community of women with the same money mindset."

Why Join The Private Community Membership

You don’t have to take your financial journey alone. Amplify your success!

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

- Margaret J. Wheatley

Strictly Money Membership Perks

Yours for a low price of US$25/month. Cancel any time.

  • Continued access to your courses after expiry date
  • Access to Strictly Money’s Private Online Community
  • Engage with Saijal answering your questions
  • Curation of articles, podcasts, books and media to enhance your financial knowledge
  • Members Only Online Events including ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions hosted by Saijal​
  • BONUS: 25% discount for 1-on-1 coaching with Saijal
  • BONUS: 10% discount to Saij Elle’s course library

Money Matters Membership Perks

Yours for a low price of US$17/month. Cancel any time.

Coming soon...

  • Continued access to your courses after expiry date
  • Access to Money Matters Private Online Community
  • Curation of articles, podcasts, books and tips to enhance your financial knowledge
  • Get your questions answered by Saijal

Frequently Asked Questions

When you buy any of Saij Elle’s programs or courses, you will automatically have access to the private membership community where you can ask Saijal questions, get exclusively curated content, tips and resources, and join discussions that will enhance your learning. PLUS MUCH MORE!

Your access to the community will be free for a specified amount of time (based on the type of program or course you’ve purchased) after which you’ll pay a low monthly fee for the membership.

You will also get continued access to your courses after its expiry date as part of your membership.

No problem at all!

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your account.

Navigate to your profile at the top right hand side -> Billing -> Subscriptions -> View -> Cancel.

You will have access to your course for its stated access period regardless of whether you cancel your membership early. For example, if your course/program access expires 4 months from the enrollment date and you cancel your membership 2 months after enrolling, you will still have access to the program for the remaining 2 months.

If you’re passed the course expiry date and have paid for your current month’s membership, you’ll have continued access to the program/course & community until the next billing period.

We highly encourage you to download your worksheets before cancelling.

We understand that you may change your mind.

To purchase the monthly membership to gain access to your courses and community,
login to the course, navigate to your profile at the top right hand side -> Billing -> Subscriptions -> View -> Resume.

If you are still within course access period, you will not get billed until your FREE access has expired (i.e your next billing date).

If you’re passed the course/membership expiry date, you’ll be charged a low monthly fee based the type of membership going forward until you cancel the membership again.

Saij Elle’s programs and courses are designed so you learn the financial essentials and get the support you need easily within the access period.

We also wanted to keep the cost of the program reasonable while ensuring the results you need.

Instead of charging higher fees to cover our program and support costs for longer access, we believed a better and fairer option was to let the enrollee decided how long they’d like access and support through a low-cost membership model.