Why Financial Coaching

As a financial coach (and educator) I will provide you support and accountability in your financial life.

Building financial wellness can be tough for many reasons. We can let our emotions and sabotaging stories get in our way. We often lack the financial knowledge and skills (through no fault of our own), making it difficult to know whether we are making the right decisions with our finances. And we often let the fear of making mistakes or being taken advantage of stop us from taking action.

This is where I as a financial coach come into play. I have the expertise to guide you, and will be your best cheerleader and accountability partner so you build financial confidence, the know-how, wealth and peace of mind.

What is a Financial Coach?

What is a Financial Coach?

A financial coach is someone who will look at your finances, help you improve your relationship with money and identify opportunities to better manage your money.

Think of a financial coach like a personal trainer who works with you to identify your relationship with food and exercise and helps you establish and achieve your positive goals. A financial coach does the same thing with money so you reach your financial goals.

What you can expect with Saij Elle’s personal financial coaching for women:

  • Feel better about money
  • Remove self-destructive thought patterns and behaviors
  • Create a proper plan for your unique financial goals

1 Session


US$200 - 1 hour


US$150 - hour

3 Sessions





Before purchasing a session

Send us an email to see if financial coaching is the right solution for you.