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  1. I’m in the thick of Module 2; however, the courses and lessons have been informative and easy to follow. I am learning a lot and looking forward to working on my S&S planning worksheet!

  2. I’m wondering how long I have access to this course. I started it back in July and then the craziness of this school year (I’m a teacher) took up all of my time. I am really hoping to finish this course. Please let me know!

    1. Hi Molly, since you purchased the membership as well, you have unlimited access to the course at the $25/month, until you decide to cancel.

    2. Hi Molly, based on your registration date, you’d have 6 months to complete the program. We also introduced our new membership plan and community so those wanting longer access above their allotted time can sign up for the membership. It’s $25 USD/month to continue and be part of our private community but you can cancel anytime. Here’s the link when/if you’re ready: https://saijelle.us.reclaim.cloud/offer/get-the-membership/ Just login as you would so it links to your customer profile. But you have a bit of time to complete if you decide not to. 🙂